Bidirectional 2/2 Solenoid Valve

The solenoid valve block MV-H2-2/2 bidir-300/500 was designed as compact straight forward, economic flow control in and out of Hydrogen high pressure tanks up to working pressure of 300 / 500 barg.
The chemically nickel plated valve block is 100% corrosion resistant and optimized for the reliable management of Hydrogen storage and cascade refuelling systems etc.
An integrated certified REMBE® high pressure rupture disc (fail-safe performance, made in Germany) with negative temperature coefficient guarantees safety even in case of overpressure and fire.
An analog stainless steel pressure gauge allows a fast tool-free pressure check.
Swiss made

Hydrogen Safety Cabinet

HomePower cabinet with extra «storm flooding tight gas room», prepared for forced air recirculation and outside blow up.

Suited for ®Enapter’s AEM EL 2.1/4.0 and peripheral units and other 19“ rack mounted Devices as Fuel Cells etc.

  • space for integrated heat exchangers
  • modular and scalable at your needs
  • lower part reserved to peripherals without H2
  • designed and produced in Switzerland

H2 Pressure Reduction, Gas Flow Control and Storage Management Block

Advanced hydrogen (H2) mono block for flow and pressure control.

  • three pressure stages with high-quality 2-stage pressure reduction
  • integrated solenoid valves (for electrically controlled flow regulation)
  • pressure transmitter (for measuring and controlling pressure)
  • G¼” connections with integrated microfilters
  • high pressure side up to 500 bar
  • precise pressure reduction for direct connection to the fuel cell inlet
  • available with or without controlled outlet for vehicle refuelling (cascaded or direct)
  • provides easy and safe integration of a H2 energy system with a minimum of pipe connections or possible leakage sources
  • optimal in combination with the HomePower storage tank with bidirectional solenoid valve block
  • designed and produced in Switzerland

Hydrogen Storage Bundles

Type 1 H2 Storage Bundle:

  • approved 50 l steel bottles from world top manufacturer
  • best ecological and economic performance
  • 100% recyclable, long durability (>=50 years), 500 barg and 300 barg operation pressure (20°C)
  • includes bidirectional solenoid valve blocks to manage gas flow process
  • PED and TPED standard available
  • 1 to 3 independent segments/ pressure levels with corresponding valve blocks
    • 1x16x50 l
    • 2x 8×50 l
    • 1x4x50 l + 1x12x50 l
    • 2x4x50 l + 1x 8×50 l

Ready for cascaded H2 refueling of vehicles
Up to 25 kg H2 (500 barg, 20°C) respectively 825 kWh el./thermal energy

Enapter AEM Electrolyser EL 4.0


Production rate 500 NL/h, 1.0785 kg/24h
Output pressure Up to 35 barg
Operative power consumption 2.4 kW, beginning of life
Water consumption ~ 400 mL/h
Ambient operative temperature range 5 °C – 45 °C
Dimensions W: 482 mm × D: 635 mm × H: 266 mm
Weight 41 kg

AEM Multicore


Production rate 210 Nm³/h, 450 kg/24 h
Output pressure

Up to 35 barg

Operative power consumption 1,008 kW, beginning of life
Water consumption ~ 190 L/h
Ambient operative temperature range -15 – 35 °C, up to 45 °C with hot-ambient version
Efficiency max. 62.5%
Dimensions L: 16 m × W: 3 m × H: 7.3 m
Weight < 40 tons

Indoor HydroCab

The high – quality 19” cabinet system from our Indoor HydroCab is particularly suitable for your individual indoor H2 application and includes up to five stackable electrolysers and one dryer.

Cabinet outside dimensions [W × D × H]  800 mm × 800 mm × 2200 mm
Available size inside 42 U
Cabinet weight (empty) 180 kg